I’ve been sharing this story with some of my friends lately, and I decided it would be easier if I simply write up this post and share that in the future. Through a series of synchronistic events spanning from November 2011 through July 2013 I have been guided in the direction of creative expression through visionary art. This guidance and the affirmation that this is my proper path has been one of the most life changing things I’ve experienced to date.

The story starts with a plan to throw a late night techno party on New Years Eve 2011-2012. My girlfriend lived on Oahu for a period of time, and through her I met a great group of people involved with the underground nightlife scene there at a club called Asylum Afterhours. I decided I’d fly out one of their resident DJs, Ernie Kanekoa to headline the event.

I started doing some research when trying to decide on a name for the party. Through an interesting cosmic accident I mistyped the Hawaiian word Makahiki (New Year) as Mahiki which means “the path that leads to the spirit land, Lua-O-Milu”. I’d recently been doing some research on the 2012 prophecies, and I had come to the conclusion that the predictions pointed toward a shift in global consciousness. Ultimately our goal in expanding our consciousness is to move towards enlightenment, a ‘spirit land’ of sorts. It seemed that the party I was throwing to usher in this momentous year should certainly have such a fitting name as Mahiki, so it stuck.


Through a series of visions I was shown a seven part realization of this concept. I’ll save the details of that for another day and simply say that this idea is now being realized as a series of paintings. In fact this series was what brought me back to painting after a 10 year hiatus.

Planning continued and the party went well. We had around 110 people out; included in these 110 people was a girl named Kelly. We had minimal common friends, and I found out recently she’d driven 8 hours from Ohio to attend. She also ended up at my home for the after party which went well into the 1st. She friend requested my girlfriend and I on Facebook days later and we accepted but never talked much.

Since New Years 2012, I’ve continued to believe that there are people who are experiencing the new awareness that’s been growing around the world. I’ve tried to continue working in the spiritual aspects of my life through yoga, meditation and studies, and although I’ve not been consistent in my practices, I’ve always had those interests in mind.

Fast forward to May of this year. I notice Kelly regularly posting on Facebook about all the amazing people she’s meeting, workshops she’s attending, relaxing in a hammock by the lake reading, etc. It seemed like she was somewhere pretty great, somewhere that I wanted to be. I asked her where she was, and she told me she was interning at a retreat center called the Omega Institute. I was intrigued so I started to check it out.

Initially my intention was to simply visit for an R&R retreat with my brother  for a few days. I’d take some time off during his already scheduled vacation and we’d relax and have delicious, healthy food, attend yoga and meditation classes and just enjoy being outside in nature. Some time away from the city sounded amazing.

Well, it turned out I wasn’t able to attend due to an approaching deadline for work on July 12. The company I work for was launching its new website which I had helped build. I’d also need to be around for the following week to make sure anything important that needed to be fixed after launching would be taken care of. I decided to check what workshops were coming up at Omega; maybe there was something worth attending instead of simply going to relax. Immediately upon looking I saw that on the first possible day I could get away there was a visionary art intensive with Alex and Allyson Grey. I’ve known Alex’s work for a long time and had recently gotten more into understanding the symbolism represented in his pieces. Now that my knowledge of world wisdom teachings was broader and I myself had started painting again in a visionary art style, this workshop was exactly what I was looking for. I registered immediately.


Needless to say the course was amazing. The focus was not much on technique but more on the visioning process, finding the seed of an idea with meaning and a message to convey and building on that. It certainly made a world of difference for me and helped me find some great Ideas. In fact, my recent painting, Unity Consciousness, is based on an idea that matured from the results of one of our exercises. The Greys are two of the most incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and they shared so much valuable information with us. It was a pleasure to spend the week with them and all of the talented artists in attendance.


On the last day we’d finished up our last visioning meditation and moved our things out of the studio, our magical home for the past 5 days. I wanted to get a few things from the book store, and I realized my wallet was in my bag. It had already been taken down to the loading platform in the parking lot. I walked down to get it and as I was closing my bag I was approached by an Omega employee with an acoustic guitar and a huge smile on his face.

“I’m so excited I got my new guitar. I’ve never had a guitar before; I’m so happy it’s finally here!” His excitement was so great that I couldn’t help but be excited for him as well. ”That’s great! Love it, learn it well and share music with others!” I responded. We smiled at each other, and I left to walk back to the book store.

Several of the people from the visionary art workshops were roaming around the book store when I got there. I talked a bit with some of them and chose a book to buy. On exiting the store my new, guitar bearing friend was outside with Jon Ohia and Joness Jones (CoSM workers there with the Greys). Jon was playing the guitar while its owner watched with that ear to ear smile. The sound of the guitar brought back some memories from my past of a father who was a musician and guitar maker. We had just finished the third year since he passed away.

I started to tell Joness how my father made the most beautiful custom, acoustic guitars with ornate inlays made from various types of wood, pearl and metals. He did one guitar with a beautiful inlay of Washington crossing the Delaware. The faces were barely 1/3 inch across and he’d hand etched shadows and facial features on each, masterful craft. I explained an inlay series he’d done that was a lion’s head across the guitar fingerboard. Its mane was made from many pieces of wood, cut with intention so the grain of the wood matched the direction of the fur. Its face was made of pearl.

I told her that he was a Christian minister and that this lion was the Lion of Judah. He’d also done a creation series where God and Adam’s hands are about to touch as shown on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. Other inlays included the Sword of the Spirit and the Rose of Sharon. A wave of awareness swept over me as I realized that my father was a visionary artist. He shared archetypes and symbols of his faith through his beautiful art form. I felt a sense of satisfaction and a connection with my father that I’ve missed very much since his death.

While I basked in this nice little end to an already fulfilling week I recalled something else. The name of his guitar company was Omega Guitars; I had come to the Omega Institute to learn more about visionary art to pursue it in my own life. This was almost too much for me to take. I felt my heart swell up and a rush of blood to my head. It was as though my father was there with his hand on my back, telling me I was on the right path, that visionary art was my birthright. I laughed, cried, jumped around in excitement, basically bubbled over with the surge of energy from this overwhelming realization.

It wasn’t until retelling the latter part of this story to a few people that all the pieces really fell into place for me. If that Omega employee hadn’t singled me out to approach in excitement about his new acoustic guitar and if Jon wasn’t playing it outside the book store shortly after, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to talk to Joness and recall all these things about my father. If I had been able to retreat at Omega with my brother I’d never have found the visionary art intensive on my first available vacation week. If Kelly hadn’t gone to intern at Omega I would never even have learned about this wonderful, love filled place. If she had not somehow found out about my New Years Eve party and driven 8 hours to come, I wouldn’t have met her. And if I’d never thought to usher in 2012, the subject of such mysterious prophecies, with this party, most likely I’d not have stumbled upon the path that leads to the spirit land.



  1. I LOVE the synchronisities in this story! You are definitieyl being guided and watched over. Much love and continued visions and awakenings on the path.

  2. This is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing Ryan. It shows that the spirit will lead us on the right path if we just let it, surrender and have the awareness to reckognize it. Keep it up brother!

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